I walked into KGTropicals and was surprised at the amount of tanks they have and the quality and selection of African Cichlids they offer. The tanks are clean and well marked which is a biggie for me. John is knowledgeable and willing to help out in any way, you cant ask for better personal support.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Fredericksburg, Va

“My wife, Leslie, and I were pretty surprised during our first visit to KGTropicals. We were looking for a couple of Peacocks and when we arrived we found a huge selection of different species in varying sizes to accommodate different needs. We really weren’t expecting such a large variety of fish. The fish were beautiful, colorful and healthy - obviously as a result of some excellent fish keeping. The tanks and fish room were super clean. We spent over 2 hours with John, one of the owners of KGTropicals, talking about the different species and fish that might work best in our set up.. Not too many people will give you that type of time and openly share their knowledge. I really enjoyed the time and learned a lot. John truly cares about his fish, that was obvious by the condition of his tanks (and there’s a lot of tanks!) and he cares about his customers and meeting their needs -- that too was obvious. The fish we purchased from KGTropical’s are doing great, coloring up and growing fast. In the end, we felt great about our purchase – we received some very healthy fish, for a very fair price, that fit our set up wonderfully and got to spend some time with someone who is truly passionate about the hobby – what more could you expect? We will be returning soon to KGTropical’s to pickup a few more fish which we have been waiting patiently to grow out.” 
                                                                                                                                     Fredericksburg, VA.